Napoleonic Austria


The Austrian Army               
Despite all the efforts of Archduke Charles, the Austrian army of the Napoleonic Era, was not known for its efficiency.
Austria was, however, a very large country wich resulted in a fairly large, but ill-led army. With the notable exception of Charles, Austrian general staffs were of low-quality, still relying on officers of noble birth.
The cavalry was arganised in units that were too small to be effective (as opposed to the huge French Cavalry Corpses). This is reflected in the army lists we have provided. There is no big choice of cavalry and the quality of leaders is limited.
Austria did have a good mix of light cavalry though and a lot of light infantry also. They had a large border with Turkey, where they kept large forces of light troops stationed to guard their borders (Grenzers). Next to those, Austria also had a rather large amount of light infantry Jägers and Tyrolean sharpshooters.
The quality of the infantry, however, was no match for the French Guards for example. Austrian usually teamed up Grenadier regiments together, so a general could use them as 1 group.
All-in-all, Austrian armies will tend to be larger in terms of number of units than other armies. They will have problems with leadership and with some kind of strong punch, as the quality of the troops is not always the best.
· An Austrian army has a minimum of 6 infantry units in the army.
· 1 unit in 6 may be cavalry. (0-6 units : 1 cavalry unit; 7-12 units: 2 cavalry units; and so on)
· 1 cavalry unit in 3 may be heavy (0-3 Cavalry units : 1 heavy; 4-6 Cavalry units: 2 heavy; and so on)
· 1 unit in 6 may be artillery (0-6 units : 1 artillery unit; 7-12 units: 2 artillery units; and so on)
· 1 unit in 6 may be guard/grenadier. This counts for all unit types. So if you have a total of 14 units, you may have up to 3 guard units.
War Council:
· Austria may have no generals of higher level than 1 EXCEPT by spending National counters on them.
National counters;
· Austria may have up to 1 national counter per 100 PV of the army. 1 counter costs 5 PV.
· Austria may, during army construction, decide to spend these counters as follows:
                         Spend 1 counter to buy a level 1 general INSTEAD of paying his cost
                         Spend 1 counter + pay the PV cost for a general/commander higher than level 1
                         Spend 1 counter to have 1 Freikorps unit (+ their PV as indicated on their army card)
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