Fantasy Campaign

This page is dedicated to following the story-driven campaign that is being played by our design team. It is a Fantasy setting where our main characters get developped as they move from 1 scenario to another.

Chapter I: The Goblin Hideout
          Storyline  -  Scenario - Battlereport
Chapter II:The Abbot's Rescue
          Storyline  -  Scenario - Battlereport
Chapter III: The Holy Well
          Storyline  -  Scenario - Battlereport

          Wizban - Thristan - Gnofbult

Site origin
This is a 100% unofficial and free Battlelore Fansite.
We offer extra rules, units, army lists, and lots more to spice up your games.

Napoleon Wars is a Battlelore adaption to the Napoleonic Era.

Fantasy: offers a campaign, extra rules and more creatures

Medieval: offer army cards and point value for available units for battlelore.
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