Thristan is an experienced veteran of countless battles. Nobody knows exactely how old he is, but a looks around 40.

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Thristan's Wife and children were murdered during an English raid into French territory, resulting in a deep grudge that is held by Thristan towards the English.

This caused him to take up arms and join the French army. By then Thristan had developped a dark side to his character, falling into strange moods sometimes.

In battle with the English, however, he always proved his worth, showing bravery and quick wit. Catching the eye of one of the middle-grade officers, Thristan got a post as Sergeant in the armies of the King.

That's how he got send to Tanglehoff and met the Wizard Wizban, with whom he started on an adventure fighting a goblin marauder band.

Wizban showed the Sergeant a lot of thrust in his experience and capacities to lead a force. Together they formed a nice team to lead the Tanglehoff forces in their time of need. 

Sergeant Thristan Statistics:

He is a Commander lvl 1 when leading a force.

When he joins a force that is led by Wizban, he provides +1 command level to the Wizard.


Sergeant Thristan History:

Thristan was involved at the battle of Chapter I: the Goblin's Hideout


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