Medieval rules

Here we are placing news and extra content that has a more 'historical' background. Rules that are created to increase the 'historical correct' feeling also are listed here.

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ein BildRules for using Lore in historical battles. Click here.

ein BildMovement rules: Units that move into a hex that is in the zone of control oan enemy unit must stop. This allows a unit to start in a zoc and move away or move to another zoc, but not to just hop around between your enemy's forces.

ein BildPursuit rules: Green cav MAY opt to retreat 2  hexes for each retreat flag rolled against them by ANY unit except another green cav unit..

ein BildPursuit Rules: Green inf MAY opt to retreat 2 hexes for each retreat flag rolled against them BY OTHER (non-green) INFANTRY

ein BildArchers and Hills: Archers that are placed on hills may FIRE over a friendly unit that is adjacent to them and on normal ground. Other hills, forrest,...still block line of sight. This is logical as they would be able to see over their heads.

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This is a 100% unofficial and free Battlelore Fansite.
We offer extra rules, units, army lists, and lots more to spice up your games.

Napoleon Wars is a Battlelore adaption to the Napoleonic Era.

Fantasy: offers a campaign, extra rules and more creatures

Medieval: offer army cards and point value for available units for battlelore.
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