Section Commanders

Section commanders would be typically used in Historical battles but could just as well be used as an addition for fantasy. Lore levels are used to purchase these commanders, so fantasy players will have to find a balance, fitting them in with their War Council members.

Section Commander


A section commander is a leader that takes command of a section of the battlefield. As long as he is present, he yields a bonus. When killed, it causes confusion.


A section commander is represented by a token. He is placed with any unit on his wing at the setup of the battle.


Section commander is part of the War council. A section commander costs 1 lore level. Each section can only have 1.




A section commander may move with the unit he is attached to when this unit is ordered


He may move up to 2 hexes when all other movement and battles have been finished.

When a unit he is with retreats, the commander is moved along with the unit.


Killing the commander

The commander is destroyed when the unit he is with is destroyed or when an enemy unit move to his hex when he is alone. The owner MAY pay 5 lore to ‘escape’ the commander, placing him in the nearest friendly unit on his wing. Killing your opponent’s section commander scores you 1 VP. Your turn after the commander dies, no units may be ordered in his section.


Commander effects:

1) When all movement and battles have ended, a section commander may move up to three units that were not ordered this turn in his section. He can only do this when the command cards that were played did not activate any units in his section (a unit that moved into his section from another section does not count as activated in his section). This unit may move 1 hex if infantry, up to 2 hexes when cavalry and may not battle. Activating the first unit, costs 1 Lore, the second 2 lore, the third 3 lore and so on. So, activating 3 units would cost: 6 lore.

This represents the commander using his own experience and initiative to react to enemy troop movements.

2) A unit that is joined by the Section Commander is considered bold


These rules make the section commanders very powerful indeed. They have the option of moving up to 3 units without counting them towards the ordered limit. Using 3 section commanders would give you optimal flexibility, but would be a hard drain on your Lore reserve. When the commander already gave orders to the section of the section commander, he is not allowed to activate extra units, representing the fact that he is busy carrying out the orders of his superior officer.


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