Napoleonic Command cards

Command cards

Here is where we introduce the special command cards used for Battlelore. The design of the cards was done by Pantao, a dedicated Italian Gamer and enthousiast. His posts can be seen on the various Battlelore and C&C forums.

The cards replace the battlelore set of command cards (although it is possible to use the battlelore command cards with little adaption also). We've made them specially to remain in the 'Napoleon' atomsphere. Some cards are listed more than once (with different pictures) or are listed as "there should be 2 in the deck". These cards should indeed have multipile copies present in the command deck.

2 of the 'Blue units' cards should be in the command deck.

Artillery Fire: there should be 2 in the command deck (2 different pictures have been provided).

The Charge! 3 of those should be in the command deck (we have provided 3 different pictures).

The first card released. Only 1 of these should be in the command deck.

The backside of the command cards.

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