Napoleonic Prussia


The Prussian Army
Prussian Infantry

Building the army:

During the Napoleonic Era, Prussia was severly defeated by Napoleon’s armies. This resulted in a near-bankrupcy and a system that would allow only a certain maximum number of troops in the army at any given time.
The Prussian came up with a system that would train soldiers and then put them of duty while training more. As a result, only 40000 to 50000 troops were officialy active at any given time but Prussia had a lot of reservists that had undergone all the necessary training.
In the later campaigns, Prussia quickly called up these regiments to bolster its armies and also raised a Landwehr militia force consisting of about 120000 men, poorly trained and equiped. 
As time progressed, however, some of these militia regiments gained experience and were equiped with weapons looted from the French. By the end of the Napoleonic Era, a lot of the Landwher regiments were considered as good as line.
Cavalry and artillery were expensive to train and equip, but nevertheless Prusia always had a fair amount.

In order to provide a base for competitive play and PV related battles, we use the following restrictions:
· A Prussian army has a minimum of 6 infantry units in the army of wich at least 2 must be landwehr or reserve infantry. At least 1 in 3 units of all infantry must be either landwehr or reserve.
· 1 unit in 6 may be cavalry. (0-6 units : 1 cavalry unit; 7-12 units: 2 cavalry units; and so on)
· 1 cavalry unit in 3 may be heavy (0-3 Cavalry units : 1 heavy; 4-6 Cavalry units: 2 heavy; and so on)
· 1 unit in 6 may be artillery (0-6 units : 1 artillery unit; 7-12 units: 2 artillery units; and so on)
· 1 unit in 6 may be guard/grenadier. This counts for all unit types. So if you have a total of 14 units, you may have up to 3 guard units.
War Council:
· Prussia can have any levels of generals but only 1 may be of level 3.
National counters;
· Prussia may have up to 1 national counter per 100 PV of the army. 1 counter costs 5 PV.
· At the start of the battle, use each counter to add 1 figure to a non-guard infantry unit. No more than 1 counter per unit.
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