Prussian Infantry

Prussian Infantry

Light infantry armed with riffles. Note that they are genadiers (guards) but are not bold.
This limits their availability and emphasizes the fact that they are an elite, highly 
specialized unit.

The guards of the Prussian army.

Landwehr regiments were dubious in quality. Sometimes the equal of line regiments,
sometimes useless.
Use the following rules:
· Landwehr counters:

        You may spend 1 counter to activate 1 of these:
         - make them bold until the end of the turn
         - Add +1D to their attack, at ranges 1 and 2 for 1 battle action
         - Activate them on top of the units activated by your command card. They may move but not fight.
These counters may NOT be combined. You may only spend 1 counter per turn per unit.
A Landwehr unit that kills an enemy figure gets 1 extra counter. A unit may not have more than 2 counters.
A Landwehr unit that looses a figure, also losses a Landwehr counter (if they have any).

Prussian light infantry. Ideal for disrupting the enemy advance.

Due to surrender-conditions, Prussia was only allowed a relatively small army. They had more manpower though, 
so they came up with a system of rotation. They had always their maximum troop allowance in the army. Then, these
men would go into a 'reserve' pool while another batch was trained in the regular army. When war came upon Prussia
once more, they quickly mobilized a large army in this way. The quality, in the beginning, was not up to standard, as µLandwehr and reserve infantry suffered from low morale and poor equipment. Time solved that problem though, as the troops gort battle hardened and looted
equipment from the French, while England was providing money to keep up production of muskets and uniforms in the motherland.

Prussian line infantry was usually reinforced with reserve infantry and Landwehr when taking to the field.

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