Medieval Armies

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Unofficial Army Building System:

Although most players (myself included) love to use The call-to-arms system to gather armies, 
this system takes a lot of setup time. Sometimes, it is just easier to have a points system to
use. After all, most players like to construct different armies, tuning and sorting them to their 
liking. We do realize that some people will try to make an 'invincible' army, but we think the 
Battlelore rules are strong enough to overcome that would-be problem.

This being said, we present to you our Army cards. Just click an the Armies you want to go to
and you'll be taken right to them.

Generic points:

Command and War Council:

  level 1 Level2 Level3
Cost 15 35 60

The French Army

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Site origin
This is a 100% unofficial and free Battlelore Fansite.
We offer extra rules, units, army lists, and lots more to spice up your games.

Napoleon Wars is a Battlelore adaption to the Napoleonic Era.

Fantasy: offers a campaign, extra rules and more creatures

Medieval: offer army cards and point value for available units for battlelore.
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