Napoleonic British

 The British Army

During the Napoleonic Era, Great Britain was a rich, dominant power. A lot of resources were invested in their Navy, resulting in a small but highly professional army.
British troops were considered amongst the best in the world. A lot of elite regiments were present, often led by rich aristocrates that paid for their uniforms.
The supperior quality of the troops usually showed itself in getting a higher rate of fire.
In order to provide a base for competitive play and PV related battles, we use the following restrictions:
· A British army has a minimum of 6 infantry units.
· 1 unit in 5 may be cavalry. (0-5 units : 1 cavalry unit; 6-10 units: 2 cavalry units; and so on)
· 1 cavalry unit in 3 may be heavy (0-3 Cavalry units : 1 heavy; 4-6 Cavalry units: 2 heavy; and so on)
· 1 unit in 5 may be artillery (0-5 units : 1 artillery unit; 6-10 units: 2 artillery units; and so on)
· 1 unit in 5 may be guard/grenadier. This counts for all unit types. So if you have a total of 14 units, you may have up to 3 guard units.
War Council:
· The British can have any levels of generals.
National counters;
· Great Britain may have up to 1 national counter per 100 PV of the army. 1 counter costs 5 PV.
· When a infantry unit fires, the player may add 1D to the battle roll at a cost of 1 national counter.
        Only 1 national counter may be used per turn.
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