Take a look our Army Cards previews for the Napoleonic version of Battlelore.

This version is be 100% free, made by and for gamers and will be unofficial. What you will need is a set of Battlelore and (for playing large games) an extra mapboard. Figures are provided by producers like Italieri, Revell, Zvezda, Hat,...and are available in all model toy stores at very cheap rates.

Look at:   
All available French Army cards
 All Available Russian Army Cards
  All Available British Army Cards

Standard Army cards for leaders and commander

Tactical cards

Tactic and lore rules

Site origin
This is a 100% unofficial and free Battlelore Fansite.
We offer extra rules, units, army lists, and lots more to spice up your games.

Napoleon Wars is a Battlelore adaption to the Napoleonic Era.

Fantasy: offers a campaign, extra rules and more creatures

Medieval: offer army cards and point value for available units for battlelore.
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