French Army List

French Army list

French Armies are allowed maximum 1 cavalry unit for every infantry unit.
They have to take at least 2 peasant units (and maximum 1 peasant unit in every 2 infantry units).

A limited number of halberdiers may be included in the French armies.

Professional soldiers armed with spears.

Villagers and farmers pressed into service. Usualy, they were more concerned
with self-preservation than actual fighting.

 The elite knights of France. There may only be 1 such unit in the army.
Their blessed armor makes them very tough indeed.

The Noble knights of France. A hard hitting unit with added resilience because of their Full plate mail.
A costly unit though and limlited to 1 unit per 500 PV of the army.

Peasants with bows were usually recruited from the 
more talented hunters and targeteers.

The first unit to be released in Card Form is the 'standard' infantry.
Note the posibility to add a Hornblower.



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