Chapter I Scenario

For the first scenario of our narative campaign, players only need the basic box of Battlelore.


It has been created with the battlelore editor and has number: 2345U

Story: read it at the  Main Story Page

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Wizban: Lvl. 1 commander (4 cards), Lvl. 1 Wizard

3 units of green archers

1 unit of green Cavalry

2 units of Blue Infantry (City Guard)

2 units of Blue infantry (Mercenaries)

1 unit of Blue Cavalry (City Guard)

1 unit of Red Cavalry (Mercenaries)

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Goblin Lieutenant Gnofbult:  Lvl. 1 commander (4 cards), Lvl 1 rogue

 All goblin units from the base box

1 hideout, exit can be placed an any wood or hill terrain as per normal rules. Hideout does not need Lvl 3 rogue

 Aim of the game: 5 VP


Every goblin unit killed: 1 VP

Destroying the hideout: 1 VP (by moving onto it)


Get at least 5 units of the board = victory


Every enemy unit killed: 1 VP -> 5 killed = victory

 Special rules:

Use only rogue and wizard cards for this game. And with a power less than 7.


Goblins are pushed back directly away from the attacker

Wizban's units are pushed back to the NEAREST board edge



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