Chapter III Scenario

Scenario: full game details you find here:

The scenario can also be found on the battlelore site, fans adventures number: 2624U

You are playing for 4 VP.
Holding the well is the keys to scoring 4 VP's offcourse

Map and forces:

The goblins have Gnofbult, commander leverl 1 and rogue level 1 + a giant spider.

The humans have Wizban, commander level 1 and wizard level 1. They also have the abbot, cleric level 1

Conditions of Victory:

The first one to reach 4 VP AND hold the well, wins the battle.

-The back of the healing well card is printed in mountains. Take it, mountain face up, and shuffle it with 7 other mountain tiles. Deal them, mountain sides up on the location indicated on the map (there are exactly 8 places for these tiles). Any unit that lands on one of these tiles and spends a battleaction looking for the well (instead of fighting) may look on the downside print of the tile. If it is the well, turn it around, if not place it back. As long as you control the well, you gain 1 VP.
-Use Lore cards for rogue, wizard and priest only and only up until power level 5 (included).

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