Chapter I Battle report

The Goblins, for their part, where making a wild dash for escape. Their cavalry raced across the low hills, encircling a lone archer unit that was caught in the middle.

Gnofbult opened his underground dungeone way and reveiled the exit straight next to the river spring to the right, charging through with his Hobgoblin bodyguard.

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Some of the goblin infantry was trying to follow his escape through to tunnel but could not keep up in the dark and damp underground walkways.

As the Hobgoblins charged out of the tunnelexit, they arrived just in time to finish of the isolated unit of archers that was being overrun by his cavalry. Seeing their Boss leading a charge from his Guard, the light cavalry took heart and decided to stick around. 

Meanwhile, Wizban’s Mercenaries reeking that the hideout was ripe for plunder advanced on the hidden Rogue’s den, cutting away some resistance of light goblin unit between the trees.

 The City guard units where charging in the back of the Goblins causing considerable characters but losing some men on their side also. Their Sergeant rallied the remains of his 2 infantry units back into 1 unit.  

The Village irregulars were keeping out of trouble (with the exception of the archer unit that was cut down to a man), firing volleys of arrows on the goblin horde. The fast cavalry unit had blocked the escape from the tunnels, right after a goblin infantry unit had managed to escape from it. Now blocked from all side, the goblins in the center were scattering to all side, trying to escape with their heads on their body. Luckily for them, the Mercenaries were more concerned with the loot than with killing goblins that were running routing anyway.

Gnofbult escaped with his guards and cavalry and what was left of an infantry unit, after it was badly hit by the Tanglehoff Archers.

The battle left the goblins scattered, their hideout in ruins and a field full of dead and wounded. Gnofnut had survived.

 Slowly the cries of battle faded away, leaving only the moaning of the wounded and dying.

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SETUP as in the historical battle. click on the map and 'save as' to get a copy on your pc.

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