The goblin Rogue Lieutenant Gnofbult is not the biggest of his kind, nor the bravest. He doesn't even have the most teeth of his clan!                                   

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ein Bild Gnofbult Statistics:

He is a  commander Lvl. 1 when leading a force

He is a rogue lvl. 1

When using our army building system, Gnofbult has a PV of 40 hen leading a battle (25 when present but not leading).

Special Rules:

Gnofbult always has a personal Guard unit  ein Bild with him. This is determined at the setup of the battle, where 1 infantry unit is given the 'Guard' token. This unit does NOT suffer from frightened for the entire battle.


ein Bild Gnofbult History:



He lost his hideout in Chapter I: the goblin's Hideout, but succeeded in escaping and rallying most of his troops. During their retraet, his goblins sacked a monastery and kidnapped the abbot, hoping for ransom. Wizban (that BLASTED mage) succeeded in a rescue attempt on the abbot and now Gnofbult is plotting his revenege.


But he is smart. Not the smart that allows you to make inventions, but the smart that keeps you alive. Extending this smart to his trusted supporters, has earned him command over a band of marauders that try to make a life out of stealing from the weak and giving the spoils to the needy...meening themselves!

Having established an outpost neer the French-German border town of Tanglehoff and near a couple of trade routs between Germany and France, he was making a good living for himself...until that Wizard showed up.

He had never expected a Wizard to take command of the locals and turn them into a fighting force! How could he have? After all, he was busy counting the loot and making sure nothing disappeared into the pockets of his marauders. Luckily, he had prepared an escape rout and had fought his way out, surviving to take revenge another day.

During the escape his goblins sacked the monastery of St. Justin, kidnapping the abbot in the proces. Gnofbult hoped he could get a nice price for the abbot's safe return, but was once again twarted by the Wizard Wizban, who mounted a rescue for the abbot. Now Gnofbult is plotting his revenge.


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