Wizban is a wizard in his prime that lives in Tanglehoff. Although only 36 years old, he looks much older as is often the case with members from his order. Years of studying and experimenting with the Arcane arts have left his mark.

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ein Bild Wizban's stats:

 He is a lvl 1 commander when leading a force

He is a lvl 1 Wizard

When having Thristan on his side in a battle, he is considered commander lvl 2 when leading the battle.

When using Wizban in our army building system, he has a point value of: 40 pts when leading a force (25 when in council but nor leading).

Special Rules:

Cover of Fog:        ein Bild

This is a spell that Wizban can use INSTEAD of playing a lore card. It targets 1 friendly unit that cannot be the target  missile attacks until the start of your next turn . Lore Cost: 3.

ein Bild Historical Notes:


He led the forces in chapter I: the Goblin's Hideout and in Chapter II: the abbot's rescue, he led the rearguard action.

Wizban has Silverwhite hair and a beard growing more because he forgets to shave it than anything else. He is somewhat of a hero against his wishes.

When the troubles in Tanglehoff started, people looked to him for leadership. Not a Warmonger, Wizban has to trust on his intelligence te lead the Tanglehoff Irregulars in their adventures.

Wizban led the Tanglehoff Irregulars, supported by some City Guards and Mercenaries to victory against the goblin Rogue Gnofbult in Chapter I: the Goblin's Hideout.

There he made friends with sergeant Thristan. Together, they amarched their forces to rescue the Abbot of St. Justin Monastery who had been kidnapped by the fleeing Gnofbult. Freeing the abbot, they escaped pursuit back to the ruined monastery.

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