Chapter III Story

The Healing well

Escaping with the abbot alive and well (although missing a finger) was a narrow thing. Wizban had gathered all his forces at the rendez-vous point near the ruins of the monastery of St. Justin.

Arriving there, he found some locals tending to the wounds of Sergeant Thristan, who got wounded when the goblins had discovered the escape attempt and started the chase. Thristan would be on his feet again soon. It seemed that some more local villagers had arrived, hearing about Wizban's succesful campaigns and wanting to share in the adventures. That would allow for some extra units in his small force and for some replacements of men that had died in battle or were too heavily wounded to continue.

The Abbot was looking grim.

"The goblin took most of our supplies, Wizard", he grumbled to Wizban.     

"We'll be out of everything once we're finished patching up your men. would give me an escort on a sally towards the rumored holy spring of St. Justin.".

"Isn't that just a legend? A story for children?", Wizban wondered aloud.

"I am not sure", the abbot replied,"but we need more supplies, so there's no harm in checking it out.".

"No,",Wizban answerd,"unless the goblins return again...".

Wizban was already putting his men into action, preparing for the search for the Holy Spring of St. Justin. He would have to do without the wounded Thristan for this trip...



Gnofbult, again, had to reorganise his men. This was NOT good. The greenskins might start to loose faith in him if it were not for his trusted Hobgoblin Guard hitting them back in line.

'Allright seems we'll need a little help taking care o'this pesky wizard. And I know just where to get that...'

Moving his forces quickly, they started in search for SpiderQueen Lucrella and her host of giant spiders. These vicious creatures lived deep in these woods and the Queen still owed him one for all the prisoners he had brought to her for consumption.

This was exactly the equalizer that he needed.

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