Chapter II: battlereport

Chapter II: The abbot's rescue battlereport

Gnofbult, at the head of his trusted Red Hobgoblin Guard, immediately charged after the escaping band of heroes that had liberated the abbot and were carrying him accros the nearby ford. From both flanks his light infantry, alarmed by the crying and yelling, joined the fray.

The band, led by Sergeant Thristan, ran for their lives while fighting a delaying action and losing some men to the Hobgoblin guards. They had to try and reach the relative safety of the nearby human lines.

Wizban's cavalry charged forward, shielding the group of brave men from the continuing attacks by the pursuing goblins.

For a moment, Gnofbult thought he was beaten. How could it have been so easy? Then...his goblin cavalry charged behind the enemy lines towards the escaping band of humans carrying the abbot.

Thristan saw them too late. The goblins overwelmed his band just when they thought they had reached safety. His men scattered and the abbot fell into the hands of the goblins once more.

Wizban, however, would not allow victory to slip from his hands. He ordered his archers to pin down the hobgoblin infantry so his cavalry could charge the exposed gobloin light cavalry that was now stuck behind enemy lines.

A heroic charge it was, worthy to be told in stories and songs, swipping away the goblin cavalry, eliminating one unit and sending the frightened other unit far back.

Quickly, the cavalry snapped up the abbot and raced way with him, their escape covered by the remaining human infantry and archers.

Gnofbult bit the dust once more. But he would be back...

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