Chapter I Story

 Chapter I: The Goblin Hideout

A grey mist was keeping visibility limited to only a couple of yards, clinging to hills, trees and covering all nearby dwellings in misterious fog.



 ‘Perfect’, Wizban thought. The perfect cover for the plan he had set out for this gluesome day.

 For months now the village of Tanglehoff and its surrounding countryside had been plagued by repeated attacks from raving goblin bands, pillaging, looting and terrorizing the local villagers.

 The country folk of Tanglehoff are a peaceful lot but in total despair they had turned to Wizban for council. Wizban was a wizard of considerable power that had come to live in Tanglehoff, looking for a tranquil place to devote himself to his studies. Although in his prime, the wizard looked to be much older as is often the case with men of his order that devote all their time to study and experiment. He was a plain dresser and his beard was more a result of him not caring to shave than anything else.

However, when the people of Tanglehoff came to him for guidance, Wizban realized that he had to help these poor farmers. Reluctantly, he left his studies and began to make preparations.

Not a warmonger himself, Wizban had send the hunters and trackers of the village to scout for traces of the the goblin’s hideout.

 Although not a warlike people, the Tanglehoff villagers had some experienced archers and proved to be a tougher lot than expected. Never the less, Wizban had realized early on that this was not going to be a force strong enough to tackle the goblin raiders. The wizard had send an urgent request for assistance to the nearest larger town in the area, hoping to receive a company of the local city guards to assist them.

 As a security, Wizban had also sent word to all nearby taverns and inns that he was looking for seasoned mercenaries to help take care of some goblins, fleshing out the story a bit with tales of big treasures waiting to be looted in the goblin hideout.

 Yesterday, finally, help arrived. The only local city guards that could be spared where 2 line units  of infantry and 1 line unit of cavalry. Not nearly enough on itself, but adding this group to his 3 units of irregular village archers and 1 unit of irregular village cavalry...the assault force was taking shape.


In the end, Wizban could also count on a heavy cavalry mercenary unit plus 2 units of mercenary infantry.

His scouts had located the goblin hideout, hidden amongst some trees and protected by a river. Today’s  fog would be ideal to cover his force’s advance on the hideout, hopefully catching the goblins by surprise. Scouts had been deployed and reports were coming in regularly to keep track of any goblin activities.

The goblins, however, seemded totally unaware that their doom was aproaching. They were seen, mostly split up, patrolling the areas around their outpost, looking for easy pickings no doubt.

Wizban took a long, deep breath before he oppened the door of his dwelling and stepped out.

The village was full of silent activity, adding to the gloom that was hanging over the countryside. He quickly checked if all units were ready to march before he mounted his horse to lead the column. 

There was no show, bravour or heroism here. Just a ‘let’s get it done’ feeling that proved that most of his men would rather be in bed with their wife. Only the Mercenaries were making some crude jokes about how THEY would have to do ALL the work with allies like this. Consisting mainly of light troops, his force was making good way and as long as the fog lasted, it would keep them hidden from peering goblin eyes.

Getting closer to their objective, Wizban ordered his troops in a surrounding approach positions around the enemies hideout. Then it happened. Yells and clashes of arms signalled that their approach had been detected. This would make things complicated.

As the mist started to lift, Wizban ordered the attack...



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