French Infantry

French Infantry Units:

Some of the best infantry in the world at that time. The Old Guard
consisted of only the best veterans. Their abilities allow for more
rapid deployment and serious combat power. They start with 5
figures to show the resilience of these troops.

In times of great need, Infantry would be pressed into front line service
without proper training. Or yoiung boys would b enlisted to bolster the
ranks of Napoleon's armies.

The Middle Guard were formidable infantry, consisting of veterans of several campaignes. They are a Guard unit and bold. Their special abilities make them very powerful indeed. Especially, the combination of the 2 maes them hard.

The young guard was of varying quality during the Napoleonic Era. They saw action in a lot of battles (like the right wing in Waterloo, defending against the Prussians). Solid quality infantry but not the veterans of the Old Guard just yet.

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