Mountain Troll

Mountain Trolls  ein Bild

These Vile creatures live in remote hills and mountain ranges. Sometimes, they can be persuaded to join armies in search of plunder. If your men can stand the smelly, obnoxious creatures, they can be an asset. Sometimes, however, they have been know to go rampage if they feel there was not enough killing or plundering going on.


a) Is considered a Green infantry unit for moving and battle actions

b)Attack: 2D (melee)

   Hit on: color

   May make a missile attack at 2D when on a hill    or cliff, range 2 hex

Lore abilities:


1)    1 Lore:  Mighty Roar: the Troll is considered to cause FEAR until the end of your turn

2)     2 Lore: Throw Giant Rock: Immediately make a battle action with 3 Dice: range 3 hexes, hit on color and shield. If at least 1 hit is scored, attack a unit adjacent to the first with 3D, hit on colors.


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