Russian Infantry

Another veteran Russian unit. They are unique (only 1 in the army).

Russia deployed some rock-hard Elites. The Pavlov regiment is a perfect example of this.
Not only are they bold with an attack of 4/2/1, they also get to move 2 hexes and yet fight for
a cost of 1 lore.

Russia's most powerful infantry - note that their 4/2/1 battle score is better than
their French counterpart. France has, however, more capable guards (middle and old)
and has acces to voltigeurs. So the Russian Grenadiers are more like 'guard' units.

Called up in times of great need (and Russia had lots of those times), these poorly
equiped and trained troops often formed a large part of the Russian army.
In game terms: great for pushing up your breakpoint (your opponent has to kill half of 
your total units, rounding down to win) but don't count to much on them.

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