ein Bild FEAR

Units that cause fear have the following effects on units:

- Units that are NOT bold, will become frightened

-Units that are bold, will become 1 level less bold (returning to normal status if the are bold(1) ).

-Units that are frightened will become frightened at 1 level higher than they were (so frightened lvl 2 if they come from just frightened).


Examples of gameplay:

Ex1: A human blue infantry is supported by 2 friendly units and counts as bold. It is attack by a creature that causes FEAR, therefor the unit looses it's bols status, returning to normal. It will have to retreat on any flags rolled against it in battle by that creature and will not be able to fight back against the fear causing monster.

Ex2: A unit of goblin cav is attacked in the open by a fear causing monster. The goblins are now frightened (2), having to withraw 3! hexes for each flag scored against them.

Ex3: A unit of dwarves is defending a bridge. They are therefor, bold(2). When attacked by a fear causing monster, they will lose 1 level of bold, becoming bold(1).

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