Lore rules

A lot of discussion is always going on concerning the power and effect of lore on Battlelore games.

A lot of people think it is too powerful, others think it is not. We've come up with a couple of houserules that make Lore more interesting and fun to use, keeping it potentially powerful but offering possible countermeasures.

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1) Countering enemy Lore.

When your enemy plays a lore card (and before he rolls any dice or decides who or what will be the target), you may try to counter his card. You may spend Lore points to dispel/disable the effect of the card. For each lore spend, roll a die, a Lore rolled being a succes. You may not roll more dice than your War Council has levels. BEFORE your roll, your enemy may decide he wants to empower his roll, spending extra Lore to boost his card. He also rolls 1D for each lore he spends, having a succes on a Lore. If the player that is countering the Lore cards rolls more succeses than the player that is playing the Lore card, the Lore card is cancelled.

2) When using our point value system.

You can purchase a 'disable scroll' for a points cost of 30 pts. This scroll can be used at any point in the battle to cancel the effect of 1 Lore card. You can buy 1 scroll for every 300 points of army value. (ie: up to 300: 1; 301 to 600:2;...)

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