As we have replaced the war council of the standard battlelore game with cavalry, infantry and artillery leaders, we will provide you with the army cards for them here. They are standard cards, uasable by any army. Specific leaders will later follow (Napoleon, Wellington etc...).

All leaders can be between level 0 (no leader) and 3, like in the basic battlelore game. An army commander is always at least level 1 (he determines the max size of your command hand).

A normal, balanced game would use 6 levels of commanders in total. The absolute maximum would be 12 (giving a level 3 leader in every field).

The level of your commanders effects the max tactical hand (see rules for tactical cards), the max size of your command hand (in case of the army commander) and the effect of a lot of tactic cards. The more potent commander, the better the tactic cards will work.

If you want to use your leaders in the field, please consult our special rules for this here.

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This is a 100% unofficial and free Battlelore Fansite.
We offer extra rules, units, army lists, and lots more to spice up your games.

Napoleon Wars is a Battlelore adaption to the Napoleonic Era.

Fantasy: offers a campaign, extra rules and more creatures

Medieval: offer army cards and point value for available units for battlelore.
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