Light Cavalry rules


Light Cavalry

Light cavalry used hit and run tactics during the Napoleonic Wars. They charged in and got out before any damage was done to them. These units were hard to catch and eliminate. To represent this, we have come up with the following rules:
1. Charging
Light cavalry that charges this turn, may (after rolling its battleaction but before fightback and pursuit) decide to withdraw up to 2 hexes towards its own table edge IF it rolled at least 1 lore. The lore is considered spend and is not added to your pool. The unit that was attacked does not get to fight back.
2. Evading
Light cavalry that is the target of a melee of PB attack may try to evade. The attacking unit makes a battle roll as normal but only GREEN colors are a hit, no matter what the army card says. The evading light cavalry unit removes a figure for each GREEN color rolled against it (ignoring all other results) and may move up to 2 hexes back towards its table edge. The attacking unit may follow up and pursuit as normal.
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