Leaders in the field


Leaders in the field
1. Introduction
Any or all of your commanders may be placed on the field during setup in any hex that hold one of your units. They are considerd to be attached to that unit. You do not HAVE to put your leaders on the field and you may place some and not other. Commanders may influence any type of unit, generals may only influence their own type.
Leaders have to be represented by a recognisable figure.
2. Movement
A unit with an attached unit that is ordered, automatically takes the leader along on its move. This does not cost anything extra and the unit still counts as only 1 unit towards the number of ordered units.
A leader may also detach himself from a unit and move on his own. He counts as an ordered unit (of his type or of any type in case of an army commander) if moved in this way. Leaders may move up to 3 hexes when moving on their own. If a leader ends up in a hex that contains a unit, the unit is not ordered. It may have been ordered earlier in the turn, but may not be ordered later in the turn (preventing the double activation of your leader).
A Leader may also end up in a hex by himself.
When moving by themselves, leaders may move through friendly units/leaders but may not end his move in a hex that already contains a leader.
You may move a leader off your table edge. He still functions as normal, but is not on the field anymore.
3. Effects of leaders
A unit with a leader attached may ignore 1 flag when a battle roll is made against it.
A unit with a leader attached to it also scores hits on lore when making a battle roll. This lore is not added to your pool.
A level 2 or 3 leader also affects friendly units in adjacent hexes. In that case, these units also hit on lore when making a battle roll, regardless of what unit they are fighting against. Lore used in this way is not added to your lore pool.
4. Leader vulnerability
When a leader is attacked while standing by himself in a hex or when the unit he is with is looses its last figure, roll 1D. If it comes up a Lore, the commander is caputered/wounded/killed and removed from the field, counting as his level in victory points for your opponent. On any other result, the leader evades (as per the light cavalry rules but with a move of up to 3 hexes instead of 2). When a leader end his evade in a hex that contains a friendly unit, he is considered attached to this unit. He may not end in a hex that contains a leader already.
When a leader is attached to a unit, a casualty check has to be made each time the unit looses a figure. Roll 2D. If both come up with lore symbols, the leader is considered captured/wounded/killed and removed from the field. Your opponent receives 1 lore point per level of the commander in this way. Note that when the unit he is with, is eliminated, this roll is not mad (the situation as noted above replaces this roll).
5. Tactic effects
A leader that is in the field has to pay 1 extra lore whenever he plays a tactic card of his type, representing the fact that he is in the middle of the action.
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