Tactic Rules

   Tactical Cards

· A series of tactical cards is provided by to replace the cards we find in the battlelore box. Just shuffle all these cards in 1 big pile at the start of the battle. If the pile is ever exhausted, reshuffle the discard pile to form a new draw-pile. You power these cards with Lore (leadership) of wich the rules are listed bellow.

                Setup: Each army commander may start with as many tactical cards as his level. So a level 2 
commander would start the game with 2 tactical cards.

               Maximum hand: Their maximum tactical hand is 2+the highest level of commander in the army 
              (including the army commander, infantry, cavalry and artillery generals). So unless spe-
               cial rules allow it, the maximum hand of tactical cards is 5.
               Use: Each turn you may play 1 tactical card (1 in your turn, 1 in your opponents) 
               as long as you  have the Lore(leadership) to power them. The exact time when you 
               play these cards is usualy stated on the card or is obvious (« play on an ordered infantry unit »). 
              You pay the activation costs and determine  the actions by the card.
               Refill hand: just before drawing a new command hand, you may choose to draw 1 new tactical card.
               If  you choose to do so, you pay 3 lore (leadership) and draw 1 card. If this results in you 
               exceeding  your maximum limit for your tactical hand, you must immediately discard 1 or more 
               tactical cards to accomodate for your maximum hand.
· Optional rules: If only one side has a general of a certain type, 5 cards of that type will be removed from the drawdeck, chosen by the player who does have the general. If no general of a certain type is chosen by both players, 10 cards are removed of that type from the draw deck, 5 chosen by each player.

Lore (leadership)
All players start the game with 2 lore(leadership). Everytime a player rolls a ‘lore’ on a dice (and does not use this lore to geneate some other effect), he may add 1 lore counter to his pool.
At the end of his turn, the active player must check for superiority on each section of the battlefield for every branch of the army.If he has at least 2x as many units of a certain type, he has superiority in this section and receives 1 lore counter.
For example: On my left flank, I have 4 infantry units, my opponent has I don’t have superiority and I don’t get a lore counter. One the same flank, however, I have 1 cavalry unit while my opponent has none. So, I have cavalry superiority and get 1 lore counter. Neither of us has any artillery on that flank, so no lore counters there.
I repeat this procedure for the center and for my right flank. Simply adding up all units and comparing to my oppont to check for 2 to 1 or better odds.
If a unit is located on a hex that is on 2 sections, the controlling player chooses for wich section the unit counts.
The reason that we have come up with this system is simple: realism. If you are superior on a flank, you will get to exploit that. Sometimes, this will result in players moving troops around to get a tactical advantage as lore counter are important (some tactical cards realy make a difference).
There is no fixed limit to the amount of lore you can have, except for the total number of available counters.

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